Path to Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert

How I passed the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect exam SC-100 and why I am now a Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert

Three months ago on 7th of April Microsoft announce a new exam for security architects and introduce again the existing exams SC-200, SC-300, AZ-500 and MS-500. The article contains the new announcement of the new exam SC-100 to become Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect.

I took the Microsoft Cybersecurity Beta exam #SC100 and got yesterday the confirmation that I passed the exam. This is great news for me as it confirms that I am gaining a better and better knowledge in Azure Security topics.

In this article I will introduce the exam, how to get the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert award and which materials I used to prepare for the exam.


What is the SC-100 and how to get Cybersecurity Architect Expert

The SC-100 is a new exam within the Microsoft learning exams and focuses on cloud architects with an emphasis on Microsoft security topics.

Together with the existing security-related exams, such as SC-200, SC-300, AZ-500 and MS-500, it is possible to obtain the new Cybersecurity Architect Expert, this requires successful completion of the existing certification exam + successful completion of SC-100 to obtain the Cybersecurity Architect Expert designation. The graphic explains the possible certification paths.

Path to Microsoft Certified: Cybersecurity Architect Expert

Now that I have passed the Azure Security exam AZ-500 and the Cybersecurity exam SC-100, I am especially happy to have reached the level of Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert.

Which prepare materials I used

Beta exams are available for a short time only. There is usually only 4-6 weeks from announcement to execution. Therefore, I have expanded the list to include content that makes sense to me and was not available at the time.

Microsoft learning

From my perspective the Microsoft learning center get a lots of improvements over the last couple of years and is a good adress to get a deep understanding of different cloud services and to prepare for existing exams.

To prepare for the SC-100 I used the following courses:

Microsoft releases a study guide document for the SC-100 that contains several information and links to prepare for the exam.

To prepare for the AZ-500 I`ve created a article about How I pass the Azure Security Exam Az-500.

Please let me know if you miss an interesting or great article that helped you prepare for the exam. Also feel free to leave a comment telling me what you thought of the exam.


7 thoughts on “How I passed the Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect exam SC-100 and why I am now a Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Expert”

    1. Hi Carla,
      thanks for your message and congrats to the passed SC-100 exam!
      These are good tips, thank you.

  1. Hola, muchas gracias! hoy pasé mi examen gracias a tus consejos, muchas gracias de verdad!

  2. I’m preparing for the exam and almost done with MS learning paths. An other thing that I’d recommend is, which is helping me a lot, practice questions. It helps in understanding that how a particular concept will solve a real problem. I’ve MS official practice test and Study4Exam’s practice test too. Highly recommended. It’s really great using both practice test to assess the exam readiness.

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