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Reinstall Azure Backup Windows Workload to fix UserErrorSQL NoSysadminMembership for SQL Server in Azure VM

In the last couple of days I try to optimize some Azure environments from security and cost perspective. One customer has a SQL Server Express installed inside an Azure VM. The backup was configured for the hole VM, but there is no need to backup the Datadisk which contains the SQL databases. In this article I will explain how you can reinstall the Azure Backup Windows Workload extension to fix the issue when the service account will not listed on the Azure SQL Server VM. This fix the issue only did you not find the service account in the SQL Server management studio. To add the account in the right way, please refer to the article from Wim Matthysen.

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My Microsoft Ignite 2021 Spring Highlights

The corona situation brings new opportunities and one of them is that Microsoft Ignite going to a virtual conference twice a year. It used to be an in-person event only once a year. Last week the Microsoft Ignite 2021 spring conference started and in this article I will cover most of the highlights from my perspective. I would really appreciate your feedback on how valuable the article is.

Windows Server 2022 in preview

With Windows Server 2022 there coming the next Major release for as Windows Server OS. This release coming as the next LTSC release with lots of new features, such as new hybrid and security capabilities. Take a look at the MS Ignite Session about latest Azure innovation for SQL and Windows Servers

Passwordless Azure AD authentication is GA

To prevent phishing attacks Microsoft is part of the FIDO2 alliance. Azure AD supports long time ago the login with FIDO2 keys, but the service are in public preview. With this Ignite Microsoft move the service from Public Preview state into GA state and add some new capabilities, like the Temporary access pass. To unterstand how FIDO2 and TAP works, take a look at the short video. Passwordless authentication with FIDO2 keys, brings Identity Security to a new level. This prevents custom user passwords, enable higher security and preventing phishing attacks.

To enable passwordless login for the own Azure AD Tenant take a look at my blog article “Setup passwordless login for Azure & Microsoft 365 mit Yubico and FIDO2 (german)“.


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My favorite Azure Announcements from the Microsoft Ignite 2020

The Microsoft Ignite 2020 has moved to a free, virtual conference with a lots of online sessions about the Microsoft Product world like Azure, Microsoft 365 and more. As every year Microsoft announced new services and new features for existing services. In this blog post I will report about my highlights of the last 48 hours of Microsoft Ignite.

First of all, I’m a little sad because this was to be my first Microsoft Ignite I was able to attend in person. However, I’m glad that Microsoft offers this conference as a virtual version and gives us the opportunity to participate for free and get in contact with the product owners.

Satya Nadella opened the MS Ignite with his Keynote about Challenging Times, Producivity and Modern Work and how Microsoft services can help in every section with different services.

My focus area is Azure, you know it ­čÖé And there were a lot of new announcements before and during the Ignite.

This article will be updated after the MS Ignite ends.

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Move Azure VMs between Azure Global Regions

In the last couple of days I get a lot of question how to move Azure VMs between regions. So I decided to write a blog post about this question. First of all it is really important to understand which topics this article covers and which not.

To understand the article right, keep the follow settings in mind:

  • This article will cover how to move Azure VMs between global regions with ASR
  • Global regions mean all the standard available regions
  • This article doesn┬┤t cover the movement between Azure Global and Azure Germany, Azure Governance or China
  • For moving Azure VMs from Azure Germany to Azure Global there there is planned to write an additional article
  • For a general movement of Azure resources (SQL databases, Web Apps and more) a futher post will follow

This article focuses on how to move Azure VMs between Azure global regions using Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Another article will focus on how to move other Azure resources between regions.


To move Azure VMs between different global regions with ASR there are some requirements needed:

  • Azure subscriptions are allowed to create Azure VMs in the target regions
  • User rights to create the Azure ressources (Azure VMs, VNETs, NICs, etc.)
  • Install latest updates on Windows/Linux OS
  • Check that the VM has Internet access without Proxy or Firewall between VM and Internet
  • When there is a firewall or proxy in place, check the needed requirements
  • Configure the VNET and Subnet in the target destination before move the VM to a different region

The process to move Azure VMs between different Global regions is straight forward. But don┬┤t forget, all related management tasks to the VM, like Backup, Log analytics Workspace, Start Stop Runbooks will be lost after the migration.

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Ultra Azure VM Performance mit Ultra Disks

F├╝r Azure VM’s gibt es unterschiedliche Disk Typen mit unterschiedlichen Performancewerten. Dazu z├Ąhlen Standard HDDs, Standard SSDs und Premium SSDs. Vor wenigen Tagen ganz neu hinzugekommen sind die Ultra SSDs.

In diesem Blog Beitrag gehe ich auf die neuen Ultra SSDs ein. Stelle die Leistungswerte der unterschiedlichen SSDs gegen├╝ber und stelle die Besonderheiten der Ultra SSDs in ihrer jetzigen Form vor.

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MCTGlobal Summit – AFS and WAC Session slides

What a month, after I speak on Cloud Camp in Dublin last week, I have the pleasure to hold a session at the MCT Global Summit in Phantasialand Br├╝hl near Cologne.

The MCT Global Summit is a one week conference and a place where a lots of Microsoft Trainer can be meet. So you have the chance to discuss your challenges and ideas with a lot of experts. 

I have the pleasure to hold a session about Windows Admin Center – The nextgen Servermanagement on Tuesday and, a day later, a Session to Azure File Sync – Your Cloud Fileserver.

MCT Summit - Azure File Sync Session
MCT Summit – Azure File Sync Session

Both session was with some discussion and a lots of questions. Thank you for joing my session on the great MCT Global Summit 2018. Wish you a great week and hope to see you on the next year again.

MCT Summit - Phantasialand
MCT Summit – Phantasialand

Windows Admin Center Session

Here you find the slides for my Windows Admin Center Session. Below there is a list of sources that I have used, to prepare my session.

Azure File Sync Session

The slides for my Azure File Sync session are ready for download on Github.

Below you can find the sources that I┬┤ve used for preparing my Azure File Sync session.


CIMLingen Sessioninhalte zu #AzureFileSync – Dein Cloud Fileserver

Am Samstag hatte ich das Vergn├╝gen auf der diesj├Ąhrigen CIMLingen eine Session zu AzureFileSync zu halten.

CIM Lingen 2018 – AFS Session Picture from Martin 2 cut

Die CIMLingen ist in den letzten Jahren ein regelm├Ą├čiger Termin in meinem Kalender und um so sch├Âner ist es, wenn ich als Speaker einen Teil zur Community beitragen darf.

Mir hat die Session gro├čen Spa├č gemacht und auch wenn ich dieses Jahr nur kurz bleiben konnte, so freue ich mich bereits auf die Jubil├Ąums- CIM im n├Ąchsten Jahr.

Anbei die Folien zu meiner Session: AzureFileSync – Dein Cloud Fileserver

Und nicht vergessen, die Jubil├Ąums CIMLingen findet am 13. und 14.09.2019 statt ­čÖé


Die Aufzeichnung meiner AzureFileSync Session auf der CIMLingen ist nun Online. Leider ist das Bild erst ab der 3. Minute verf├╝gbar. Viel Spa├č beim ansehen ­čÖé

SQL Backup on SQL Saturday – Sessioninhalte

Soeben ist meine Session SQL Backup on Azure auf dem SQL Saturday Rheinland zu Ende gegangen. Es war mir eine besondere Freude an der Hochschule sprechen zu d├╝rfen.

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Neues zu Azure File Sync – Regionen, Backup, FAQ und mehr

Azure File Sync steht seit der Ignite als Public Preview zur Verf├╝gung. Bereits ende Oktober habe ich einen Artikel  ├ťberblick und Konfiguration erstellt.

Seitdem hat sich einiges getan, daher werde ich in diesem Artikel auf die Neuigkeiten eingehen.

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Windows Server und System Center 2019 angek├╝ndigt

Microsoft hat heute in einem Blog Eintrag Windows Server 2019 angek├╝ndigt. Damit einhergehend ist die Verf├╝gbarkeit der ersten Preview im Windows Servers Insider Programm.

Wie dem Blog Eintrag zu entnehmen ist, wird Windows Server 2019 Hybrid Cloud Funktionalit├Ąten stark fokussieren.

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