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Speaking at Experts Live Netherlands 2023 about Mastering Defender for Servers

I´m really happy to announce that I will speak at the Experts Live Netherlands 2023 Spring edition. The last one was the 10th annivesary edition in Fall last year. The Experts Live Netherlands is one of the biggest Experts Live conferences next to Experts Live Europe and because of the big Experts Live Europe will take place this year in autumn, the Orga Team decided to organize the 11 edition in spring.

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Session overview

This year, my session will be about the Mastering Defender for Servers. In this session I will focus on Defender for Servers to protect servers across hybrid and multicloud environments. So I dived into the different plans, feature sets, deployment methods and more. Futhermore I show as a side note the new Defender for CSPM Plan and explore how agentless scan methods works. Deploy defender for servers at scale will complete the view and enable the attendees to mastering defender for servers.


I like the idea behind the Experts Live community and really looking forward to see many community members there, greats friends again and certainly make new contacts.
This year the edition is with 1,200 registrations sold out. The Keynote will be held by Dona Sarkar. So it is worth to be there

About Experts Live Netherlands

Experts Live is an international Microsoft community platform focusing on knowledge sharing through live events.

Every year Experts Live Netherlands organizes a large-scale one-day event where more than 1200+ IT Pros and Developers gain knowledge of Microsoft technology. National and international community experts update visitors on the latest Microsoft technologies in one day.


It was a pleasure to speak at 11th edition of the Experts Live Netherlands. With more then 1200 attendees is was one of my biggest in-person conferences in the last couple of months. Thanks to the organizers and sponsors who made this possible!

You can find the slides from my talk about Mastering Defender for Servers here. Please keep in mind that this slides was only for the Experts Live Event and I will improve the session based on the Feedback from the attendees.

My favorite Microsoft Ignite 2022 Fall Highlights

After the pandemic beguns Microsoft switched the both big conference Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite to virtual only events. The Ignite was two times a year in 2020 and 2021. For 2022 it was long time not clear will it go back to an in-person event or still stay as a virtual event.

The Microsoft Ignite 2022 has start 2 hours ago as an hybrid event delivered from Seattle with 6 Spotlight events around the globe and delivered as before virtually. I’m a little disappointed because a lot of the content is pre-recorded and even great speakers like Donovan Brown don’t hold their sessions live in Seattle but are only shown there virtually as well.

In this article I will share the important announcements from my perspective from the Microsoft Ignite 2022. Most of you know me as an Azure Governance, (Hybrid) Infrastructure and Security guy, so please forgive me for focusing on these things.

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Upcoming Community conferences in the 1st Half of 2020

One of the great things about IT is that you learn something new every day, discuss new solutions or possibilities with other people and have a wide range of options. And there are many conferences throughout the year that you can use to expand your network and learn from other people how to implement and use the various services. I enjoy attending conferences, discussing solutions with the participants, learning from the participants and sharing my knowledge about the services.

In the first half of 2020 there are so many conferences right now announced. I think this is a good point to share a list of all upcoming conferences. This is a list of conferences from all about Europe that I know about. Some are free, some of this need a small fee to cover all the related thinks, like catering, drinks and so one. Take a look of the upcoming conferences and identify some in an area near you, register and grow your network.

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Wo ihr mich findet – Community Konferenzen HJ2/2019

Das 1. Halbjahr 2019 ist schon wieder vorüber und das ging wieder wahnsinnig schnell. Nun gehen wir mit großen Schritten auf das Jahresende zu. Zeit für ein kleines Update, auf welchen Community Events ihr mich in der 2. Jahreshälfte finden könnt.

Wenn ihr zufällig auch dort seid, sprecht mich doch gern an, Zeit für eine Tasse Bier ist immer vorhanden 😉

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Speaking at Experts Live Netherlands – Slides Available

ExpertsLive Netherlands 2019 - Conference CenterDenBosch
ExpertsLive Netherlands 2019 – Conference CenterDenBosch

I´m very proud about my invitation to the IT conference Experts Live Netherlands on 6. June. This is my first session on a Experts Live Event and I´m really happy to speak at those great conference. I will hold my session about Azure File Sync – Your cloud file server and will also update my slides and the demo to the latest new Azure stuff. There are some news about availability and functionality of this great Azure offering.

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CIMLingen Sessioninhalte zu #AzureFileSync – Dein Cloud Fileserver

Am Samstag hatte ich das Vergnügen auf der diesjährigen CIMLingen eine Session zu AzureFileSync zu halten.

CIM Lingen 2018 – AFS Session Picture from Martin 2 cut

Die CIMLingen ist in den letzten Jahren ein regelmäßiger Termin in meinem Kalender und um so schöner ist es, wenn ich als Speaker einen Teil zur Community beitragen darf.

Mir hat die Session großen Spaß gemacht und auch wenn ich dieses Jahr nur kurz bleiben konnte, so freue ich mich bereits auf die Jubiläums- CIM im nächsten Jahr.

Anbei die Folien zu meiner Session: AzureFileSync – Dein Cloud Fileserver

Und nicht vergessen, die Jubiläums CIMLingen findet am 13. und 14.09.2019 statt 🙂


Die Aufzeichnung meiner AzureFileSync Session auf der CIMLingen ist nun Online. Leider ist das Bild erst ab der 3. Minute verfügbar. Viel Spaß beim ansehen 🙂

#Azure Speaker Ankündigungen für 2. Halbjahr

In den letzten Wochen kamen zahlreiche positive Nachrichten von verschiedenen Events, an denen ich als Sprecher teilnehmen darf und so etwas zur großartigen Community beitragen kann. Das hat mich riesig gefreut.

Noch mehr würde es mich freuen, den ein oder anderen dort zu sehen! 😊

Daher liste ich hier mal auf, auf welchen Veranstaltungen ihr mich im 2. Halbjahr 2018 findet werdet:

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#CIMLingen Recap

Bereits zum 13. Mal traf sich wieder die IT-Community zur alljährlichen CIM Konferenz im IT-Mekka Lingen. Nachdem ich bereits häufiger als Teilnehmer dabei war, konnte ich diesmal als Speaker einen kleinen Part übernehmen. Wie in den Jahren zuvor war die Konferenz voll ausgebucht und man sah, neben vielen bekannten Gesichtern, wieder viele neue.

#CIMLingen - IT Emsland Hallen
#CIMLingen – IT Emsland Hallen

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