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Speaking at Windows Server Engineering Summit 2024

With the announcement of the next Windows Server release, called Windows Server 2025, Microsoft decided to organize the next Windows Server Engineering Summit. The Windows Server Summit 2024 will take place March 26-28, 2024, 8 AM – 4 PM Pacific Time with many sessions around Windows Server solutions.

I´m happy to be invited to hold two sessions, which I think are really important and value from Management and Migration purposes.

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Speaking at Cloud Eight Conference about 7 Best Practices for Azure File Sync

Update 1 on 22/06/2021

The recording of the session is now available on Youtube. I have added the link at the end of the article.

I am glad to announce that I was invited as a speaker to the Cloudeight conference. This is the 3rd edition of this conference and the conference is grown to a really big conference with a lots of great speakers and sessions. The conference itself was founded by Drago Petrovic as a free community driven conference.

I am very exited to deliver a session on 7 tips you need to know to use Azure File Sync perfectly. Azure File Sync is a perfect service to sync file servers across enterprise boundaries through a central Azure Fileshare. In this session, I will share the best practices to use Azure File Sync perfectly based on my real-world experience. I will cover the following topics:

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Azure Files enabled AD DS SMB authentication Best Practices and all you need to know

02/03/2022 Update 1

There are some improvements and changes in the AzFilesHybrid module, I updated the article with this changes.

The Azure Files Teams announced the availability of joining Azure Fileshares to AD DS since February 2020. This brings a lot of new possibilites, like to move Fileservers directly to a hosted SMB solution or deploy WVD Profiles directly on Azure Fileshares.

Microsoft did a lot of work to bring this solutions to live, but there are some challenges and pitfalls to activate and maintain the service. In this article I will go in a short way over all related considerations for Azure Fileshares AD DS authentication. Please note this article only focus to enable Azure Files for Active Directory Domain Services – not Azure AD or Azure AD DS.

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Zu Gast beim Geeksprech Podcast zu Azure Files

Am vergangenen Freitag hatte ich das Vergnügen zu Gast beim Geeksprech Podcast von meinen Community Freunden Eric Berg und Alexander Benoit zu sein.

In der Folge gehen wir auf die vielfältigen Themen zu Azure Files ein. Dazu gehören natürlich u.a. die neuen Tiering Modelle, wie ich Azure Fileshares bereitstelle, welche Vorteile Azure File Sync mir bietet und wie ich vorhandene Fileserver nach Azure migriere und dort weiterhin die vorhandenen Windows ACLs nutzen kann. Sharepoint kam übrigens auch mehrfach zur Sprache – ich kann mich einfach nicht davon trennen 🙂

Es war mein erster Podcast und ich muss sagen, es war eine tolle Erfahrung und ich hatte viel Spaß mit Eric zu den verschiedenen Themen rund um Azure Files.

Wer reinhören mag findet unten die Folge. Weitere Spannende Folgen und viele Infos findet ihr direkt auf der Geeksprech Podcast Website.

Azure Files Improvements – new Tiers and Soft Delete

In the last couple of Months Microsoft brings a lot of new capabilites to Azure Files. From AD DS SMB autentication over new Tiers to Soft delete, there are many improvments for Azure Files. This article will introduce the latest announcement you need to know and which workloads are addressed with the new features.

Until now, Azure Files were divided into two Tiers – Standard and Premium. At the Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced additional Tiers in order to cover requirements more optimally. However, the integration of the new Tiers was delayed due to the challenges this year. These have been available for a few weeks now. Azure Files offers 4 different Tiers with different performance capabilities and pricing now. This Tiers are called:

  • Premium
  • Transaction optimized (formerly known as Standard)
  • Hot
  • Cool
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My upcoming Community engagements in 2nd half of 2020

These times are challenging and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Normally we have a lot of in person community conference, but actually we move a lot of this community meetings to online meetings. The good thing is we have more time for our family and need lees time for driving and so on.

In the 2nd half of 2020 I have the honor to speak at the following events:

Azure Bonn Meetup

Our Azure Bonn Meetup is also running as an virtual event and we have planned some exiting topics:

Are you interested in holding a session at our Azure Bonn Meetup – that sounds great. Please use the Microsoft form to let us know about you and your session and we look forward to welcoming you. Session language can be German or English 🙂

Virtual Cloud Identity Summit 2020

And finally the virtual Cloud Identity Summit 2020. This is our first event and we will focus only on Cloud Identity topics. This idea came up from Thomas Naunheim and we are really happy to realize this conference. The first speakers with great topics are announced and there coming more. Did you interested in how to secure your Cloud Identitys – this conference is a must see.

Global Azure Virtual 2020 is close including two sessions from me

Time has changed, and the actual situation around the globe has shifted many personally events to virtual events. Global Azure (formerly known as Global Azure Bootcamp) has also transformed the personally meetings around the globe into purely virtual events. This has prompted many community organizers to make their events virtual. The Global Azure Team decided to make an own global virtual event around the globe with a dedicated call for speakers. This has led to the beautiful result that now several global azure events are taking place simultaneously. Some are organized by local organizers and one event is organized by the Global Azure Team. This results in three Azure days of Azure sessions (Thursday to Saturday) around the globe with an awesome agenda, where you can pick the sessions that suit you perfectly 🙂

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Erweitern Vorhandener Azure Fileshares auf 100TB für AzureFileSync

Im Vorfeld zur Ignite wurde vor ein paar Tagen eine kleine Überraschung im Azure Blog angekündigt: Announcing the general availability of larger, more powerful standard file shares for Azure Files. Bedeutet das für alle jetzigen Azure Fileshares im Standard Tier die neuen Performancewerte ausgerollt werden. Damit fällt auch die bisherige Limitierung von 5TB für Azure Fileshares und damit verbunden für Azure File Sync. Die neuen Performancewerte sehen folgendermaßen aus:

  • IOPS: 10.000 (vorher 1000)
  • Durchsatz: 300MB/sec (vorher 60MB/sec)
  • Fileshare Größe: 100TB (vorher 5TB)

Bisher waren Azure Fileshares auf 5TB limitiert. Die Freigabe wird als Speicherort der Azure File Sync Dateien genutzt – daher galt hier das gleiche Limit. Doch diese Herausforderung ist gelöst und vorhandene Fileshares lassen sich über das Azure Portal auf die neue Größe erweitern. Dieser Artikel zeigt kurz die notwendigen Schritte.

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Azure File Sync – Verhalten bei Dateikollisionen

In letzter Zeit hatte ich das Vergnügen Azure File Sync auf verschiedenen Community Events vorzustellen und dabei die Einrichtung, Konfiguration und Best Practices zu erläutern. Mit Azure File Sync lassen sich Fileserver über Unternehmensgrenzen hinweg, mit Hilfe eines zentralen Azure Fileshares, synchronisieren. Eine häufig gestellte Frage ist, wie der Service mit Dateikollisionen umgeht.

Dieser Artikel soll darauf eine Antwort geben.

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Speaking at Cloud Brew 2019 Mechelen Belgium

Some days ago I was really happy to receive my first Speaker invite to the Cloud Brew Conference in Belgium.

The Cloud Brew Conference is a great conference in the hearth of Belgium in Mechelen 30km north of Bruessel. The conference first start in 2013 with a great location, in a old brewery and still takes place there today.

With two full days of Azure experience with many international speakers from around the globe, it’s a must for Belgians and cloud folks with Azure focus. The agenda looks pretty good.

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