Azure Week EuropeanSP Azure Policy with ASC

Speaking at the ESPC AzureWeek about Azure Policy with Azure Security Center

This is a challenging time for everyone and I hope you are well. Many community conferences cancelled or moved to an online event. The online events give the oppurtunity to learn and discuss in an different way. The European Sharepoint Conference (ESPC) Team has announced the Azure Week between 25.05. – 29.05.20 as a webinar week.

The Azure Week has an great lineup with very useful sessions. Thomas Maurer open the week with a session about Modern Azure Cloud operations for IT Ops and I have the pleasure to close the week with a session about Azure Policy with Azure Security Center.

In this session we will dive into the many aspects of Azure Policy and Azure Security Center and see how they work together.

See about the possibilities of policies to define guard rails for your Azure environment and see how this interacts with the Azure Security Center. See the power of the Azure Security Center to strengthen your security. 

Use these features as an integral part to get a better overview and control of your environment to make your environment compliant and secure. I will also show the latest announcement from the MS Build for Azure Security Center.

The full Azure week agenda:

Modern Azure Cloud Operations for IT OpsThomas MaurerMonday 25th
11AM – 12PM
Accelerate your RDS and VDI Migration to Windows Virtual Desktop with Azure MigrateChristian BrinkhoofTuesday 26th
11AM – 12PM
Manage your Azure Infrastructure as Code with TerraformJaap BrasserWednesday 27th
11AM – 12PM
How Can I Use Azure Serverless Services in My Projects?Frank BoucherThursday 28th
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Azure Policy with Azure Security CenterGregor ReimlingFriday 29th
11AM – 12PM

More information about the sessions and registration can be found on the Azure Week website.

Hope to see you there. 🙂

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