MSIgnite 2019 Azure News and Announcements Part 2

There are many new features and enhancements announced for Azure from the last Microsoft Ignite. I have written about many of them in the 1st part of this Article. This article will focus of the missed announcement in the first article.

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Azure Firewall Manager (Preview)

Managing more than one Azure Firewall can be hard, because you have to manage every Azure Firewall as a single solution ore using scripts to set rules to more than one Firewall. With the Azure Firewall Manager there is a central place to manage security policies and route management for multiple Azure firewall instances.

Azure Stack Hub | HCI | Edge

During the Microsoft Ignite Keynote, Satya Nadella announced several new products. Some are new products at the Azure Stack portfolio, but this are not new products this are rebrands of existing products.

Azure Stack Hub

Azure Stack Hub is the name for the product known as Azure Stack. A big appliance for the on-prem datacenter to get Azure services inside your own datacenter.

Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) was formerly known as a own solution in the Windows Server space. The renaming concerns only the name. The features and possibilites are always the same and means to build an hyperconverged infrastructure with Windows Server 2019 on your own Windows Server certified hardware.

Azure Stack Edge

Azure Stack Edge was formerly known as Azure Databox (Edge). This solution enables you to bring high data capacity in the fastet way to Azure without burdening your bandwith. This are different appliances to move storage to Azure or to use a single appliance in you On-Prem network to seamlessly send data to Azure. It can be deployed on your choice of virtual environment.

Express Route for satellites

For Migration or Hybrid scenarios, there is a big need for a highly available VPN connection between Azure and the On-Prem datacenter. Express Route is the way to go, to get a highly available direct connection between the facilities. With the Ignite there are some new enhancements to the functionallity of ER. Now it is possible to get ER connection via satellite to integrate branch offices or small location into the corporate network.

New Azure Governance capabilities

Key vault – public preview

Azure Policy can now enable to Key vault, to enable policies for control over keys and secrets

Custom RBAC for Management Groups

Now it is possible to apply RBAC roles at Management groups.

Subscription tags

My favorite Azure snippet. Now you can add Tags to subscription to group this and get a better overview.

Azure Portal experience updates

One day before Microsoft Ignite was starting, the Azure UI Team launched new features for the Azure Portal UI.

This updates brings a lot of more UI features to the portal, like:

Don’t miss the #Azure news in the first article of the Microsoft Ignite News.

Microsoft Ignite Book of News

There are many more announcement about all products related to Office365 (Teams, Yammer, etc.) or for SQL Workloads and so on. To get a short overview about all announcements from the Ignite read the free available book “Book of News Microsoft Ignite 2019“.

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