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My favorite Microsoft Ignite 2022 Fall Highlights

After the pandemic beguns Microsoft switched the both big conference Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite to virtual only events. The Ignite was two times a year in 2020 and 2021. For 2022 it was long time not clear will it go back to an in-person event or still stay as a virtual event.

The Microsoft Ignite 2022 has start 2 hours ago as an hybrid event delivered from Seattle with 6 Spotlight events around the globe and delivered as before virtually. I’m a little disappointed because a lot of the content is pre-recorded and even great speakers like Donovan Brown don’t hold their sessions live in Seattle but are only shown there virtually as well.

In this article I will share the important announcements from my perspective from the Microsoft Ignite 2022. Most of you know me as an Azure Governance, (Hybrid) Infrastructure and Security guy, so please forgive me for focusing on these things.

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Azure Firewall Basic is available as Public preview

Microsoft announces with the Azure Firewall Standard and Premium two new Firewall Services available as PaaS solution what are a great benefit to classic Firewall deployments, because of native Autoscaling Features, no need for VM Management and more. Unfortunately the price was to high for SMBs, with 900€ for the Standard and over 1200€ for the Premium Edition. A frequently requested Features, was a cheaper variant aimed at small and medium businesses.

This wish has been answered and is now available in the form of the Azure Firewall Basic edition. The Azure Firewall Basic (AzFw Basic) is available as public preview and the planned subscription must first be prepared before the deployment can begin with some Powershell commands. This article will guide you through the setup process for a Hub and Spoke Network and the main difference between the three Azure Firewall editions.

Azure Firewall edition comparison

Microsoft already introduced the Azure Firewall as Standard Edition in 2018 and expanded it with numerous updates in 2019. The Firewall Manager followed at the end of 2019 to manage various Azure firewalls under one roof. Mid of 2021 Microsoft announced the Azure Firewall Premium edition and extend the capabilities compared to the standard edition by the following features: TLS Inspetion, IDPS, Web categories and URL Filerting.

The acceptance of the firewall has been high so far due to the numerous features and the fact that the firewall is provided as a PaaS solution. As an SMB solution, the prices called are too high and that is where the Basic Edition is now trying to attract attention.

The following table list the difference between the edition. Please note the Maximum throughput between the different edition. Azure Basic Firewall is limited at time of article of 2 VMs under the hood and a maximum troughput of 250 (maybe increase to GA).

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How I pass the Azure Security Exam Az-500

In the past I have taken several Azure exams, and yesterday I took the Azure Security exam Az-500. I am really glad that I passed the exam. In this article I will give you a brief overview of the topics I saw in the exam and what materials I used to prepare for the exam. I can say directly that the best way to succeed in the exam is practice.

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MSIgnite 2019 Azure News and Announcements Part 2

There are many new features and enhancements announced for Azure from the last Microsoft Ignite. I have written about many of them in the 1st part of this Article. This article will focus of the missed announcement in the first article.

Keep in mind our Meetup appointments in the next week in Thueringen and Cologne/Bonn.

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#Azure #MSIgnite News 2018 Teil 1

Gestern um 15 Uhr (MEZ) fand die Keynote der #MSIgnite in Orlando statt. Anschließend folgten einige Sessions und Ankündigungen zu Neuerungen in Azure, einige wurden im Vorfeld bereits erwartet andere waren überraschend. In diesem Beitrag werde ich euch einen kurzen Überblick über einige Neuigkeiten des 1. Tages vermitteln. 

Die Überschriften sind mit Links zum jeweiligen Artikel versehen, damit ihr schnell und einfach zum Originalartikel gelangt. 

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Azure Firewall in Public Preview – Einrichtung und Konfiguration #AzureFirewall

Bisher gab es in Azure verschiedene Möglichkeiten Netzwerke und Anwendungen abzusichern, zum Leistungsumfang gehörte allerdings keine Firewall. Dafür waren bisher 3rd Party Lösungen aus dem Azure Marketplace notwendig. Seit kurzem ist mit der Azure Firewall eine solche Funktion in Public Preview verfügbar.

In diesem Artikel wird die Azure Firwall vorgestellt. Dazu gehören die derzeitigen Limitierungen, die Einrichtung und Konfiguration und die Kosten.

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