Recap of 2021 and Looking forward to 2022

2021 is over and it was a challenging and interesting year from many perspectives. I think the most important thing in these times is health and consideration for the community. Looking back to 2021, I was a speaker at many virtual events and that was quite interesting because of the different organization and audience. What I miss most is feedback and discussing different solutions with the event attendees. This was a little bit sad, because the virtual events feel more like a YouTube streaming and less a in-person event. So when I look in direction of spring, I hope we can get back more to in-person event.


Looking forward to 2022

I’am really looking forwad to 2022. We planning some great Azure Bonn Meetups and will start in January with Esther Barthel and Transitioning Ops to the Cloud and in February we will welcome David O Brien.

The 3rd Cloud Identity Summit is also on our List and we hope we can start this event first time as a Hybrid conference – so stay tuned and follow our Twitter account for latest updates.

Finally, I have a few tasks on my list. I will update my sessions to focus more on governance, security and cloud reviews because I see many growing cloud environments with little review iterations, yet there are some services that can help clean up your cloud environments and get them in good shape.

I will also expand my activities on Youtube, where I will conduct more frequent AMA sessions on various Azure topics. You can find there a AMA Session about Azure VM Best Practice for the Festive Techcalendar where I discuss different best pratice with Eric Berg, Marcel Meurer and the audience for the Festive Tech Calendar.

I am also looking forward to a adesso meeting in Frankfurt where we will share the important Azure topics for 2022. When you interested in meet me live and discuss the interesting topics for 2022 please join our (german) event “Wolkenreicher Start in den Frühling” on 09/03/2022.

And you will recognize me better now that I have a small logo for my activities 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some great community heroes for the past year and your support: Melanie Eible, Thomas Naunheim, René de la Motte, Eric Berg and Marcel Meurer

Finally I noted the upcoming #community events, that I aware of it on my event page. Upcoming Conferences and Open CFPs | Gregor Reimling

Recap of 2021

New job challenge

On November 1, I started my new cloud journey at adesso SE. I had several conversations with Thomas Bayer about the new role and the opportunities and I think this is an interesting opportunity. Time flies and the first two months have been great, but also challenging. I am looking forward to the journey into 2022.


In 2021 I was an speaker on 12 different events and this was always fun, because of preparation and integrating the best practices and tell the story with advantages for using the service and also give a good overview which obstacles are exist. You can see all events that I had attend on my session page. Some of my highlights are the AVD TechFest because of well organizing and quite interesting topics around Azure Virtual Desktop. The SQL Days because of first in-person conference in this year and so great network opportunities and the MC2MC event also of the good organization and the interactivity and because I deliver a session together with my best buddy Thomas Naunheim.


As I wrote I start with a Youtube session for the Festive Tech calendar 2021 and this was a AMA session about Azure VM Best Practices. This session was announced over the different channels and there was some good feedback. I will improve this format and appreciate really to get feedback from you, did you like this idea or not.

Cloud Inspires Podcast

Thomas and I started our own Cloud Inspires podcast in May. In each episode we had a community guest and that was always interesting to hear from our guests how they got into IT and what their focus topics were now on an organizational and technical level. In each episode we created a quiz of sorts and that was always a fun thing to do. It was a pleasure to work with Thomas on so many community formats and events. Our last episode was the Christmas show with our friend from GeekSpreech Eric Berg.

Azure Bonn and Cloud Identity Summit

Azure Bonn Speakers in 2021

It was a pleasure to work with the Azure Bonn Orga Team (Melanie, René and Thomas) on many Meetup ideas and our Cloud Identity Summit. We had 10 Azure Bonn Meetups and every Meetup was a great episode because of the great speakers and there preparations and efforts for the session. A huge thank to Gregor Biswanger, Thomas Maurer, Björn Peters, Eric Berg, Christian Waha, Florian Bader, Sascha Dittman, Klaus Bierschenk and Hannes Gruener for your great session and attend our Azure Bonn Meetup.

Our 2nd Cloud Identity Summit was also a great success. We had so many great speakers and more than 150 attendees join our half-day event packed with information about Cloud Identity. Thanks to this great experience, we will repeat this in 2022.

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