Azure Advent Calender Azure Bastion session title slide

Azure Advent Calendar Session about Azure Bastion

Azure Advent Calender Azure Bastion session
Azure Advent Calender Azure Bastion session

Hi folks, we are in the end of the year and many advent calendars are running right now. One great idea came from Robert and Gregor, they founded the Azure Advent Calendar. A calendar with Azure session about different services. Every day will be released 3 sessions to different topics in Azure. There are many contents available now. So thanks Robert and Gregor for this great initiative.

I´m happy to contribute with a session about Azure Bastion. A secure way to access your Azure VMs without need for a Jump host or to bind a public IP-Address to a server.

Session Topics

In this session I cover the following Azure Bastiontopics:

  • What is Azure Bastion
  • requirements
  • setup and Manage the service via the Azure Portal
  • manage connections
  • from my perspective the missing features
  • how to hardening the service

When you have questions, please feel free to reach me here via the comments or via Twitter.


You find the session recording in the Azure Advent Calender YouTube Channel.

The slides can you download here.

And a blog post for reading is available here.

Please note there are many more great content available 🙂

Thanks again for this great idea and now I wish you all much fun with the content and a merry Christmas.

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