Guest on Geeksprech Podcast about FinOps and/or Azure Cost Management (Governance)

In 2023 I was at some conferences where I held a session about Azure Cost Management and I´ve discussed this topic also a couple of times with my best buddy Eric Berg.

He invited me to his podcast Geeksprech where we talked and discuss what FinOps is and why in some cases it`s the same as cloud governance and cost management without the melodious and modern name 🙂

I think it was really fantastic discussion and brings a lot of insights about what is important to get better cost control in current cloud environments and we also agreed that the name is not so important to us as long as it means that customers actively engage with the topic.

Please be aware: The podcast is in German.

Please take a look at Geeksprech for more interesting Podcast episodes about Microsoft Cloud. There are some in german and in english.

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