Microsoft MVP for Azure for 2023-2024 (5th year in a row) and 1st time MVP for Security

Every year on July 1, the MVP renewal process takes place and Microsoft notifies us on that day if we will be awarded another year as an MVP based on our contributions. So most of the MVPs look into their inboxes and wait for the mail notification. Some colleagues call the day the F5 day, because second by second the inbox is updated 🙂

This year there were some technical difficulties and so late on July 1 there was an announcement that the MVP announcement would be delayed until July 6. Again a murmur went through the internet. 🙂

So the F5 day is postponed to Thursday and all are looking curious on this day. Late on Thurday the Mail comes in, but I´m in a customer meeting and overlook the notifcation. Some minutes later I take a look and I was once again recognized as a Microsoft MVP in the Azure category for 2023-2024. That was my first surprise, but the mail continues and I see another surprise. Microsoft also awarded me in a 2nd category and now I am also MVP for security. 🙂

I’m really grateful and honored to have received this special award for the fifth year in a row and also awarded as MVP for Security.

  • it gives me the impression that my contributions are still helpful for the community
  • I am very grateful to continue to be part of a large family of experts
  • I am looking forward to continue learning from and with the community more exciting things

On this way some people have already accompanied me and some have become friends. It is an honor to be part of this family. There are many people I am grateful to for their support, without whom this award would not have been possible. A big thank you goes to my wife Jessica, without her support this would not have been possible. There are other people who have become real friends during this time, like Eric Berg, Thomas Naunheim, Marcel Meurer and Tom Janetscheck and many others. Also a big thank you to my Azure Bonn Orga Team, René de la Motte and Thomas Naunheim without whom the many Meetups and the Cloud Identity Summit would only be half as nice. And I would also like to thank the community and Microsoft for this award and I am already looking forward to another exciting year.

If you’re interested in what conferences you can find me at in 2023 and 2024, feel free to check out my upcoming community events page.

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