Awarded with the Defender for Cloud Black Belt for 2022

Between the days I got the notification from Microsoft that I was awarded the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Black Belt.


Microsoft announced this award with the beginning of 2022 as a new award for contributors in the Microsoft Security Community and define different criterias to get this award.

This badge is awarded to our members completing the highest level of technical engagement. We have partnered with our Defender for Cloud Engineering teams to offer this award. Earners must complete the Defender for Cloud Ninja training AND the specific L3 Defender for Cloud Influencer badge to receive this Black Belt award.

Path to the Defender for Cloud Black Belt for 2022

One of my favorite communities in the Microsoft world is the Security Team. It does a really great job of announcing new features and giving the community the opportunity to improve new features with their experience. The security community is open to everyone, regardless of company or technical knowledge.

Every feedback that you provide will be measured and add to your scorecard to get different badges and awards in the Security space. The benefit is you can focus on one product if you like to get deeper knowledge in that product and upcoming features.

I am proud to have achieved this award and would like to thank the Security Team for their great support over the past year and looking forward to upcoming previews in 2023 and a great exchange with the security community. Special thanks to Tom Janetscheck and Thomas Naunheim for your support.

Take a look at my last blog post to get more information about the Defender for Cloud Ninja training.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. And keep an eye on the next announced security webinars. They contain many interesting topics about Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel.

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