Speaking at Azure Saturday Hamburg 2021 together with Thomas Naunheim

In the past Thomas Naunheim (Thomas Blog) and I have worked on several Cloud projects focusing on Azure Governance and Enterprise Scale. We decided to create a session together to integrate the best of both worlds and our experiences and recommendations from the field.

Our agenda:

  • Overview of Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Overview of Well-architecture Framework
  • Management of Compliance and Security Status
  • Azure Enterprise-Scale Landing Zone
  • Azure Ops: “Operationalize” Azure environment at scale

We are very happy to announce that our session was accepted by the Azure Saturday Hamburg Team on 20/02/2021. The Azure Saturday Hamburg is a full, free Azure conference day with lot of great sessions. The event will have two different tracks and the first speakers and sessions have been announced. Take a look at the agenda and sign up for this great conference across different sessions from the Azure Cosmos.

I am looking forward to meeting the Orga Team around Christian Burmeister, Jan-Hendrik Damaschke and Jacob Meissner live (virtually). If you have any questions or session ideas for Azure Saturday Hamburg, don’t hesitate to contact the orga team or place your sessions at the open CfP over Sessionize (open until 21/01/21).

Please note: The session will be held in German 🙂

Register here for the Azure Saturday Hamburg.

And don’t forget to take a look at Thomas Naunheim blog, where you can find really useful articles about identity and security.

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