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Passed Azure Administrator Associate Exam Az-104

I reveived a cool mail some days ago with an information, that I had passed successful the new Azure Administrator Exam Az-104 and get the renewal of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.

Two years ago Microsoft released the first new Rolebased exams with the Az-100/Az-101. I´ve passed both exams, but the exams are only valid for two years after passing. With the new Az-104 I got a renewal of the title for the next two years.

The Az-104 certification is a further development of the Az-103, as it will be discontinued at the end of July. To see the necessary skills and the differences to the Az-103, please have a look at the document “Az-104 Skills measured“.

Preparation and study guides

In preparation, all I can say is practice, practice, practice. Create different Azure Services, manage and administer them and interact with them. This helps a lot to understand the individual service and the different functions.

There are a lot of good study guides out there:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck and happy study.


New Azure Beta Exam AZ-104 available with limited discount

Short notice: The Microsoft learning blog has announced a new Azure exam, the Azure Administrator Az-104. This is the successor of the Az-103 exam. The exam is available right now as a limited beta. This means that the first 300 people who book the exam and take it by 31.05.2020 at the latest will receive a discount of 80% of the actual exam price. This reduces the price from 165€ to 39,27€. The needed skills are listed on the official exam site.

The beta exam is a pre-release of the exam and you can help to improve the exam. So take an eye on illogical or incomplete questions or graphics and note this within the exam to the team. This helps the team to improve the exam and the following participants to get a better exam experience.

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